Review: Jaclyn Hill Morphe Brushes Bundle

Hey Morphe Babes,

This article is being written because I recently bought the Jaclyn Hill brush bundle on Morphe’s Website. ¬†I don’t want people to think that I am being sponsored by Morphe or anything like that in this article. When I first heard of Morphe I was skeptical that their brushes really worked. ¬†When the brand first launched they were being compared to Sigma Brushes, some of the Morphe Brushes do resemble the Sigma Brushes.

My favorite Morphe Brushes that come in the Jaclyn Hill Bundle are:

  1. M433: Blends eyeshadow into the crease
  2. M510: Applies highlighter like a dream!
  3. E41: It picks up a ton of powder.
  4. M439: Applies Foundation
  5. R2: Applies Bronzer
  6. R10:  Contours the cheeks
  7. E8: Applies Concealer flawlessly
  8. E47: Contours the nose, but for eyeshadow as well.
  9. M441: Blends Eyeshadow
  10. R37: Blends Eyeshadow

Thanks for reading this article!!!!!

Which Lorac Mega Pro Palette is for you?

When Christmas time rolls around all the makeup brands release holiday palettes, and you may be wondering; well which one is for me? It all depends on the formula and the colors that you gravitate towards. Many people will say that the Lorac Cosmetics eyeshadow formula is hard to work with, because it is very dusty, but other people like myself love the Lorac Eyeshadow formula.

The Lorac Mega Pro One Palette is the Palette for those girls or boys who love the berry tones in eyeshadows, combined with many neutrals.

The Lorac Mega Pro Two is the palette for those boys or girls who love the cool tones, it has a lot of purples and greens.

The Lorac Mega Pro Three is for the people who love neutral colors and rose golds, there aren’t many pops of color.

The Lorac Mega Pro Four is not for the faint of heart, it has so many pops of color there is a royal blue, and a green and many other colors.

Let me know if you would like me to continue this series with other palettes. Have a nice day.


Top five, Bottom 5 from NYX Professional Makeup

When you step foot into Ulta, or your mall opens a NYX Professional makeup store, you might be wondering what are the products that are worth me investing my money on, and which products I can pass on. Here is a list of the products that I think are worth investing your money from NYX.

  1. Total Control Drop Foundation (1 oz is $14.00)
  2. Pore Filler (0.67 FL oz is  $14.00)
  3. Prismatic Shadows ($6.00 each)
  4.  Ultimate Eyeshadow Palettes ($18.00 each)
  5. Soft Matte Lip Creams ($6.50 each)

Bottom 5 Products:

  1. Shine Killer Primer (0.67 FL oz is $14.00)
  2. Mineral Finishing Powder ($10.00)
  3. Butter Lipsticks ($6.50 each)
  4. Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks ($7.00 each)
  5. Face and Body Glitter ($6.50 each)


Thank you for reading my articles! ūüôā If you would like anymore articles like this please let me know in the comments down below.

Price List

  • Eyeshadow Application: $15+ cost of material


  • Face Makeup Application: $20+ cost of material


  • Full Face of makeup: $30 + cost of material


*Price is subject to change with the cost of materials, if they are needed*

My Favorite Makeup Brushes!!!!

Brushes are a makeup Artist’s main tools for application, ¬†Of course you can use your fingers to apply some things, but for the most part an artist uses brushes. For my face makeup I use a Beauty Blender for my foundation and my concealer application. ¬†After I use a fluffy powder brush to apply my powder, and I will be honest with you guys I don’t have a specific brush that I use for one thing ,I have a lot of brushes. Whichever brush I use depends on what brush is clean. Then I use a contour brush, I have discovered that I don’t like how my contour and bronzer looks if I use a flat contour brush, I will use a more rounded or pointed brush for bronzer and contour. For blush I like a new brush from BH Cosmetics, it is from their vegan line, I didn’t know how this brush was going to perform, but it displays the perfect amount of blush. For highlighter I love the Luxie Tapered Highlighting Brush, ¬†or the E.L.F Highlighting Brush.

Now for the eyes, I love my Tarte Unicorn Blending Brush and the Flat Shader Brush, then I also have come to love the Morphe M433, and the NYX dual ended brush. These brushes are staples in my collection.

Those are all my favorite Makeup Brushes, let me know in the comments section if you want tons more Blog Posts like this one. 

Meet the brand Colourpop!!!

Most of you have never met me in real life, but for the people who know me well and in real life know I love the brand Colourpop. Every time they release a new collection. I have to have it, they have such an array of colors in their products, you could spend hours looking at all the colors they have on their site. When they first launched they only had their SuperShock Eyeshadows, their SuperShock Cheeks, and their Lippie Pencils, and Lippie Stix. Now they have so many different things on their website, that you can’t just go on their website and order what you need. You always end up ordering more. ¬† ¬† Here’s a look at my Colourpop Collection:

SuperShock Shadows($5.00 each):

  • Sunbeam (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Slay Bells (Ultra Glitter)
  • Ignition (Metallic)
  • Moonshine (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Tankini (Metallic)
  • Birthday Girl (Ultra-Glitter)
  • KathleenLights (Pearlized)
  • So Quiche (Ultra- Glitter)
  • Friendship File (Metallic)
  • Frog (Ultra- Glitter)
  • Sequin (Ultra- Glitter)
  • Prickly Pear (Ultra-Glitter)
  • School Bus (Pearlized)
  • Juicy Apple (Glitter Sheers)
  • Cuddle Buddy (Metallic)
  • Co-Pilot (Metallic)
  • Peekaboo (Metallic)
  • Dessert (Satin)
  • Cricket (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Stargirl (Ultra-Glitter
  • Half-Light (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Rainbow ( Glitter Sheers)
  • Birthday Cake (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Cocunut (Satin)
  • Cusp (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Weenie (Ultra-Metallic)
  • Hot Tamale (Satin Luxe)
  • Cherries Jubilee (Ultra-Glitter)
  • I Spy (Matte)
  • Valley Girl (Satin)
  • Posey (Ultra-Glitter)
  • New Magic (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Cheap Date (Ultra-Glitter)
  • La La (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Sticker Sheet (Satin)
  • Nillionare (Ultra-Glitter)
  • One by One (Pearlized)
  • Lace (Satin)
  • Going Rogue (Pearlized)
  • Itty Bitty (Satin)
  • DGAF (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Game Face (Ultra-Metallic)
  • Wattles (Satin)
  • Jinxie (Satin)
  • Banana Daiquiri (Ultra-Metallic)
  • Babykins (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Truth (Satin)
  • The One (Satin)
  • Small Gift (Metallic)
  • Porter (Ultra Glitter)
  • Wittle (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Flipper (Metallic)
  • By my Side (Pearlized)
  • Sugar (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Keeper (Matte)
  • Issa (Ultra-Metallic)
  • Goodish (Ultra-Glitter)
  • Bento Box (Pearlized)
  • Mittens (Matte)

Pressed Powder Shadows ($5.00 each)

  • Lucky You
  • Distressed
  • Conundrum
  • Come and Get it
  • Noche
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Wait for it
  • Soft Core
  • Secrets
  • Boxer
  • Just in Time
  • Paper Crane
  • Imperial
  • Koi
  • Paper Tiger
  • Crown Jewel
  • Tea Garden
  • On the Fence
  • Two Birds
  • Vivacious
  • Heavy Glam
  • Sauvage
  • Double Date
  • Chic Happens
  • Silver Lining
  • Fair Play
  • Lost and Found
  • Cakewalk
  • Two Much
  • Piece of Cake
  • Muscle Beach
  • Fire Fly
  • Freckles
  • Party Favors
  • Roundhouse
  • Hung Up
  • Facet
  • So Jaded
  • Glass Bull
  • The Big 3
  • Backseat
  • Tiny Tangerines
  • Two Piece
  • Rager
  • Lit
  • Razy

Eyeshadow Palettes ($16-$20 each)

  • Yes,Please!
  • I think I love you
  • She Palette ¬†( Limited Edition)
  • My Little Pony(Limited Edition)
  • Element of Surprise
  • You Had Me At hello (Mirror Included)
  • All I See is Magic ( Holiday 2017 Palette, No Longer Available)
  • Take me Home Palette (Mirror Included)
  • Double Entendre
  • Dream St (Collaboration with Kathleen Lights)
  • Give it to me Straight

SuperNova Liquid Shadows ($7.00 each)

  • Firecracker (Cool toned burgundy with a gold duo chrome)
  • Walk of Fame (True gold with silver glitter)
  • Moonlit (Purple with pink, turquoise, and violet glitter)

No Filter Concealer($6.00 each)

  • Fair Neutral 10
  • Light 20 (Summer Shade)

Super Shock Cheek ($8.00 each)

  • Prenup (Satin)
  • Fun With Friends (Pearlized, Limited Edition)
  • Aphrodisiac Matte)
  • Scrumptious (Pearlized)
  • Blow me Out!(Pearlized, Limited Edition)
  • Rocket Science (Pearlized)
  • Butterfly Beach (Pearlized)
  • Spoon (Pearlized)
  • Yummy Cookies (Pearlized, Limited Edition)

Pressed Powder Cheek ($8-$16)

  • Done Deal Blush and Highlighter Duo
  • In-nude-Endo Palette
  • Total Package Highlighter
  • Trickles Highlighter

Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks ($6.50 each)

  • Avenue
  • Clueless
  • Lemon Drop (Limited Edition, My Little Pony Collection)
  • Flurries (Was Limited Edition, Now Permanent)
  • Midi
  • Ribbon (Limited Edition Hello Kitty Collection)
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Fresh Cut
  • Lumiere 2
  • Wednesday

Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks ($6.50 each)

  • Alyssa (Collab with Kathleen Lights)
  • Frick’N Frack
  • Calypso
  • 951 (Collab with Iluvsarahii)
  • Chandelier
  • MRS. (Collab with Karrueche)
  • Echo Park
  • Lock Diary (Limited Edition Hello Kitty Collection)
  • November (Collab with Kathleen Lights)
  • Strip
  • Tiny Chum (Limited Edition Hello Kitty Collection)

Ultra Glossy Lip ($6.00 Each)

  • Bash
  • Pony Land (Limited Edition, My Little Pony Collection)
  • Wishes
  • Curtsy
  • Honey B
  • Fairy Floss
  • Curvii ( Collab with¬†Iluvsarahii)
  • RSVP
  • Contessa (Collab with Karrueche)
  • Obviously
  • Lay-Z
  • Fairy Me

Lippie Pencils ($5.00 each)

  • Bound
  • Lumiere
  • Viper
  • Contempo
  • Curvii (Collab with¬†Iluvsarahii)
  • 951¬†(Collab with¬†Iluvsarahii)
  • Bossy

Lippie Stix ($5.00 each)

  • ASAP (Matte)
  • Baewatch (Matte)
  • Westie (Matte)
  • Parker (Matte)
  • Konichiwa (Creme)

#MOTD: Saturday, February 10th 2018







Hey Guys, here’s a #MOTD!!!

  • E.L.F Tone Correcting Primer
  • Wet N Wild Mega Cushion Foundation in 106 A Light Ivory
  • Wet N Wild Mega Cushion Color Corrector in Peach
  • NYX HD Concealer in CW02
  • NYX #NOFILTER Powder in Light
  • Maybelline Face Studio Contour Palette in Light
  • Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in Bronzer
  • Too Faced Papa don’t Peach Blush
  • E.L.F HD Highlighter in Pearl Glow
  • NYX Dewy Face Setting Spray
  • Wet ¬†N Wild Lipliner in Bare to Comment
  • NYX Powder Puff Lippie in Best Buds
  • Eyeshadow Primer: NYX HD Concealer in CW02
  • Eyeshadow Palette Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

Thank you everyone for reading! Have a good night!

Beauty and Makeup Guru