Summer Vacation 2018: Makeup Packing Tips

Hello my beauties, are any of you going on vacation this summer? It might be only for a few days or it might be a week or two, here are some tips to packing your makeup; that might help you pack a little less.

  • Primer is another step that you might not think about, but if you have oily skin you might need a pore filling primer, or if you have dry skin you need a more dewy primer or a liquid highlighter.
  • Pack a travel sized sunscreen for your face, you might think, but Penny my foundation already has SPF, but that isn’t enough SPF you need a little more to protect your face from getting sunburned.
  • Pack a foundation with SPF, and that you know works with your skin, please don’t pack a foundation that you just bought or a friend recommended because that foundation may not work with your skin.
  • The concealer you decide to bring is personal choice and different people have different under eye areas. If you need to cover anything and spot conceal bring a higher coverage concealer, and if you think you don’t need that high of a coverage with your concealer, pick a lighter coverage concealer.
  • Powder is different for everyone, if you have oily skin and you need to touch up throughout the day then you might need to bring a loose translucent powder or a compact with a matte powder in it.  If you have dry skin you might still need a little powder, but not as much as an oily skinned gal.
  • Bronzer or contouring is where the space in your makeup bag starts to get a little crowded one of the tips I have is to get a big Z palette from any brand that you like and pop out your favorite bronzer and put it in the palette.
  • Blush, you can pop out any blush out of the compact except the Colourpop super shock cheeks and super shock shadows.
  • Highlighter is another one that you can buy just the pan on some of the makeup websites.
  • For eyeshadows if you have single shadows already depoted then you can put them in a Z palette, and you make any combination of eyeshadows that you love.
  • For lips I suggest taking a gloss, and a liquid lipstick whether it’s a satin liquid lipstick or a matte liquid lipstick, that way you get the option to have both.

Thank you for reading this article 😀 Let me know in the comments below if you are going on vacation and where.

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